About us

Orbuy is an online portal of vegetables and fruits where people can select and purchase fresh kinds merely sitting at home. Just a click and vegetables and fruits are at your doorstep. We provide the expediency in Jaipur. We are growing rapidly. We promise to deliver quality and comparatively cheaper vegetables within committed time period. Customers’ gratification and bliss are our motto and so, we offer discounts on festive occasions. Our objective is to provide a delightful buying experience to our customer’s quality products at lowest possible rates. The value we offer is better than most of the shops and super markets offering. We are confident for providing fresh products as our experts handpick the products from local 'Mandi' and farmers.

Who We Are?

Orbuy is co-founded in August 2015. The ultimate goal of Orbuy is to do a backward integration of the complete value chain of vegetables and groceries from the homes of consumers in India right to the farmers and manufacturers. In this pursuit, along with increasing the consumer base, we are also working on creating a community supported agriculture proposition for farmers. In simple terms we are working on a farmer to customer supply chain model minus the cost structures which are currently present in this market. This concept is a win-win situation for farmers and consumers. This will ensure removal of cost structures of middle- men and thus give more value to consumers both in terms of quality and cost.

Why Orbuy.in ?

-> We deliver vegetables and fruits on the door step quicker than any other online vegetable hub.
-> Price is very competitive.
-> Our expertise team hunts for best quality harvests.
-> We promise to deliver fresh and quality vegetables.
-> Discounts and schemes are provided on special festive occasions.
-> Only ‘cash on delivery’ mode for your satisfaction.
-> Our customers are our primacy and promise to serve customers without taking much time.

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Quick & Free Delivery on Min. Order

We deliver vegetables and fruits on the door step quicker than any other online vegetable hub. We provide free delivery with no hidden cost involved in the invoice. Order before 6 p.m. for same day delivery.
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Fresh & Quality Food Products

We promise to deliver fresh and quality vegetables. Our health depends on the availability of nutritious fresh vegetables. And today’s busy, health-conscious consumers look for both convenience and quality.
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Discounts and schemes are provided on day to day basis. You can issue complains, if any, to admin@orbuy.in or call us. Your issue is guaranteed to be resolved.